sdols (sdols) wrote,

Доклад HRW про Сирию.

Интересно. Доклад со всей очевидностью доказывает, что атаки были. А вот по поводу того, чьи были ракеты, высказываются догадки. Насколько, по-вашему, резонны выводы HRW?


Syrian Government Forces Responsibility for the Attacks
The evidence examined by Human Rights Watch strongly
suggests that the August 21 chemical weapon attacks on
Eastern and Western Ghouta were carried out by government forces. Our basis for this finding is:
• The large-scale nature of the attacks, involving at
least a dozen surface-to-surface rockets affecting
two different neighborhoods in Damascus countryside situated 16 kilometers apart, and surrounded by
major Syrian government military positions.
• One of the types of rockets used in the attack, the
330mm rocket system – likely Syrian produced, which
appear to be have been used in a number of alleged
chemical weapon attacks, has been filmed in at least
two instances in the hands of government forces. The
second type of rocket, the Soviet-produced 140mm
rocket, which can carry Sarin, is listed as a weapon
known to be in Syrian government weapon stocks.
Both rockets have never been reported to be in the
possession of the opposition. Nor is there any footage or other evidence that the armed opposition has
the vehicle-mounted launchers needed to fire these
• The August 21 attacks were a sophisticated military
attack, requiring large amounts of nerve agent (each
330mm warhead is estimated to contain between 50
and 60 liters of agent), specialized procedures to load
the warheads with the nerve agent,and specialized
launchers to launch the rockets.

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